Free webinar about safety on social networks

Thursday, December 16 2010

When it comes to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, security is imperative for protecting identities.

To help protect local teenagers, Lewis University in Illinois hosted free webinars for high school students titled Social Networks: Save Your Identity, according to the Chicago Tribune. Students from Romeoville and Bolingbrook High Schools were taught about how easy it is to have their identities stolen. The webinar was conducted by Michael Godrey, a management information systems instructor at the university.

Teens learned about how identity theft is made easy by social networking sites and other online activities, how identities are stolen, the negative consequences of identity theft and preventative measures they can take.

The event was sponsored by the university's Institute for Information Assurance, which seeks to provide "quality education and understanding in the field of information security, critical infrastructure protection, homeland security and data network operations," wrote the Tribune.

One of the newest identity theft schemes on social networking sites, according to Read Write Web, is when criminals take over information about a person to create a fake profile. The resulting fake identity can be devastating both personally and professionally. The identity thief can completely hijack someone's life online.