Gauging reaction in a webinar

Thursday, October 25 2012

Because presenters aren't in the same room as their audiences during webinars, it may be difficult to see how people react. It's easy to forget that an online meeting is interactive, which can lead to some issues as a presentation progresses.

Holding a webinar is a fruitless exercise if the audience isn't engaged, and it's the host's duty to ensure that the meeting is interesting. Video conferencing allows every party to see how everyone else is reacting in real-time. Paying attention to how intrigued people are can lead to more effective presentations.

If an audience appears disinterested in a certain topic, it may be time to switch gears and open a new line of conversation. When people start tuning out of your webinar, asking questions and promoting active involvement may prevent remaining listeners from doing so. The best video conference is the one that includes the audience and makes them contribute to the discussion.

Presenters who continually read through notes and don't adapt to other parties' preferences aren't likely to reach many people or host effective meetings. This can be damaging for businesses that rely on digital seminars to reach out to current clients and prospective customers.