Georgia World Bank office participates in video conferencing

Friday, April 15 2011

Not everyone was able to make it physically to the World Bank's World Development Report on Conflict, Security and Development held in Washington D.C. However, the branch in Tbilisi, Georgia was still able to participate virtually with the help of video conferencing technology.

According to The Messenger Online, the topic of the report was "The Transition Moment: Past and Present," which concerned the ongoing changes in countries like South Africa. Through video conferencing, the Tbilisi office was able to chime in on the many issues that were discussed.

One of the many points raised during the conference was the call to focus on "efforts towards providing justice, law and order to the estimated 1.5 billion people living in fragile and failed states," according to The Guardian. The World Bank also tackled issues concerning the current state of criminal violence in several countries affected by an increase in drug trafficking.

Sarah Cliffe, one of the directors of the report, explained that without a proper justice system within these fractured states, efforts to improve educational and health systems are futile due to the instability.