Getting the team together

Thursday, August 16 2012

Some companies have a number of offices spread out in a specific geographic area. Other have sprawling establishments spanning whole nations or even the globe. In some cases, though, people in different parts of the same building may want to stay at their desks but still have the freedom to talk with teammates at any time. That's where video conferencing comes in.

These tools provide workers with a way of interacting with one another from wherever they connect, and as The News International pointed out, this can sometimes comprise of the same entity spread out in various buildings or working together between floors. The source pointed out that police departments are using web conferencing to network information, prisoners and other data crucial to regular upkeep without having to make a dozen phone calls or drive from one office to the next.

What's more, these tools provide an excellent way of getting customers and employees talking, Biz Journals reported. Instead of having a live web chat in text format, clients would be able to see and speak with a real person so they know their concerns are being handled promptly and responsibly.