Government offices back video conferencing usage

Thursday, August 2 2012

The proliferation of online tools has spread to federal offices where email, online discussion and even cloud computing have become commonplace. Using audio and video conferencing to connect and collaborate with other departments is also gaining momentum as these tools gain popularity in other sectors.

Canada and New Zealand have already announced plans to integrate these web conferencing tools into their regular operations. The University of Ottawa has partnered with the Economic Development Agency in Canada to fuel its new online drive toward a digital meeting space with both imaging and auditory input, thereby letting offices across the country connect and talk without ever having to travel.

"Currently, most government departments are unable to independently connect with each other," said Eric Greenop as Asnet Technologies. "This makes frequent travel and its associated financial and time costs necessary for government departments when required to collaborate on wider government projects."

In New Zealand as well there are programs being setup to facilitate similar interactions. The Department of Internal Affairs is initiating a system-wide program to connect all federal offices and departments, seeking a unified communication channel for all groups to keep track of progress at that governmental level.