Have a hook for your webinar

Monday, August 5 2013

When using video conferencing technology to host a webinar, there's nothing more important than grabbing your audience's attention. If you don't engage viewers from the very first moment, then few participants will focus on the presentation. According to eLearn Magazine, you have to develop a hook to ensure that everyone is engaged.

The news source explains that there are three primary types of hooks: facts, statistics and challenges. Facts can't just be basic information that everyone knows - you have to shock the audience so that they want to listen for new information.

Statistics are somewhat simple to use because figures can be used to startle viewers. For instance, talking about a study that goes against common thinking will pique many people's interests so they'll have to pay attention. However, you can't just make up a statistic or skew a study to serve your purposes. Find a factual number that supports your talking points because professionals expect reliable data.

Finally, challenges may be the best option if you want to motivate your audience to take specific actions after the webinar. Consider instructing viewers to take the lessons from the digital meeting and change how they do business every day before writing in to tell you whether the advice was beneficial.