Helping people work together with online meetings

Wednesday, July 18 2012

Working on a difficult project or initiating a new program can be hard in an integrated office space, but more companies are adding remote offices and work-from-home associates which could stunt communication. For these employees, providing them with the right collaboration tools is necessary for the business' success.

Some industries were concerned previously that adding in social elements like online audio video conferencing would just serve as an extension of existing online conversation tools, according to Search Consumerization. The effect is actually the opposite, the article stated - those with access to online conferencing tools like Microsoft and Salesforce have seen heightened performance after giving these tools to their staff.

As Business 2 Community pointed out in a recent article, much of that has to do with ensuring that everyone in the organization has all the right tools to correctly to his or her job. Email and discussion boards are one thing, and sharing completed information with other teams can help start to bring the pieces together, but being able to actually speak with other coworkers is a much better way of getting the job done.