Hospitals use video conferencing to improve children's quality of life

Wednesday, November 16 2011

Children who are sick and far away from home at special treatment hospitals no longer have to say goodbye to their families for days, weeks or even months. With video conferencing technology, hospitals have made seeing family members as easy as looking at the TV screen at the end of a patient's hospital bed.

Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minnesota utilizes video conferencing and can offer patients the ability to interact with several family members at one time on a giant TV screen. While the goal is to supply every child's hospital room with one of these screens, a handful of mobile carts can roll from room to room so anyone can have access that wants it.

Another way that hospitals use video conferencing technology is by interacting with schools to help support faculty members in teaching children with special needs. An elementary school in Aberdeen, Washington, used this approach with a young child who did not speak for a full year. Specialists helped guide the teachers on how to specifically care for a child like her.

The teachers can ask questions directly to professionals who specialize in helping similar children and take the appropriate steps in guiding the child in a safe way.