How to analyze your web conference

Thursday, February 14 2013

The web conference you spent weeks putting together is finally completed. However, while you might think that the tough part is over, there is still plenty of room for improvement. 

Web conferencing software enables users to interact with one another across great distances, and you can learn about your presentation's effectiveness after it is finished. Check out the following tips to successfully analyze your web meeting

1. Examine participants' responses during the meeting - Active participation is essential during web meetings, and audience members who seem disinterested during specific portions of the gathering may miss out on valuable information. Study participants' responses and take notes throughout the meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of your materials.  

2. Obtain feedback from attendees - Participants can share their opinions and views about a web conference if you provide them with surveys. Send evaluation materials to audience members after the session and review their feedback to learn how you could improve your performance in future meetings.

3. Make revisions - Go through your entire web meeting from start to finish and consider the session from an audience member's perspective. It is rare that your web conference will be flawless, but you can incorporate participants' feedback to enhance your presentation.