How to engage web conference attendees

Monday, December 17 2012

Web conferencing attendees who are actively involved in a meeting can obtain valuable information that could help them complete their daily tasks. An engaging webinar promotes employee participation, as workers are more likely to ask questions and provide feedback.

Consider the following tips to engage webinar participants.

1. Conduct polls - Reach out to employees with polls for feedback regarding meeting topics. These surveys typically take only a few minutes to complete and can be offered throughout a meeting to provide insight into employees' opinions regarding various discussion points.

2. Provide charts and graphs - Presenters can use diagrams to display relevant information. Ideally, business leaders will give these charts and graphs to attendees ahead of time so participants can discuss these materials during the meeting. An agenda is also helpful because it allows attendees to better prepare.

3. Allocate time for questions - Attendees should receive plenty of time to ask questions. Plan periodic breaks throughout the webinar to ensure that presenters can address participants' queries. Presenters can also take advantage of regular breaks to help attendees stay alert during longer meetings.