How to know if your video conferencing system will succeed

Wednesday, May 18 2011

A recently released paper, entitled "Five Key Factors for Success with Your Business Video Conferencing System," outlines what can be considered the five most important factor for evaluating business web conferencing success. Below, we outline the factors that will help you determine if your investment in this technology is paying off, and if you're getting the most out of your system.

1) Ease of use.

If all the employees at a company who might conceivably use video conferencing to improve the quality of their work couldn't use the company's teleconference resources, it wouldn't be a success. Too much special training means too much wasted effort.

2) Accessibility

This means both technological accessibility and physical accessibility. Video conference systems must be able to connect through firewalls and other company-mandated web barriers. However, they also must be able to be reached by all employees and used when necessary.

3) Collaborative tools

Speaking to colleagues or clients over the internet is a valuable tool. However, file sharing and collaborative programs for sharing notes and images are also becoming more crucial to the success of web conference technology.

4) HD quality

Many users become disheartened when web conferencing doesn't live up to their expectations. HD video presents a clearer picture and extends the illusion that a face-to-face meeting is in progress.

5) Low financial risk

Video conferencing is a wonderful technology in theory, but many businesses will reject it unless there's money to be saved. Companies that don't travel much or collaborate with remote colleagues might not see a significant return on their investment, but they can still reap many benefits.