How to succeed in a video conferencing interview

Thursday, November 10 2011

You have landed an interview with your desired company after submitting an impressive resume and tailored cover letter. The hiring manager advises you to arrive promptly at 2 p.m. at your computer monitor.

The scheduled interview is a video conferencing interview, a technique that more than half of the largest U.S. companies are already using, according to a study conducted at Yale University. The potential new hire uses a microphone, webcam and computer to prove his skills and qualifications for the job.

Because of the technology's cost-cutting efficiency, video conferencing has become a popular tool for the hiring process, and allows the interviewer and interviewee to meet virtually while still reading each other's nonverbal cues.

Mastering the video conferencing interview is not an easy feat, but if done right, can effectively impress the hiring manager. Some tips to help prepare for the interview include simulating eye contact by looking into the camera, practicing beforehand to make sure all tools are working properly, avoiding rapid body motion that will appear blurry to the interviewer and choosing a quiet room with no risk of interruptions.