How to use graphics during a video conference

Friday, May 31 2013

Many professionals use video conferencing software to give remote participants an experience similar to in-person meetings. To that end, some presenters rely on traditional visual aids like slide shows to support discussions and clarify confusing points. According to Montana State University, there are a few best practices hosts should follow when creating their presentations, including limiting text and picking the proper font size.

MSU explains that writing should be kept to six or seven sentences per slide. What's more, text should be kept in a horizontal setting to ensure that the audience can easily read key information. These steps will help attendees quickly find pertinent data so they can focus on what the presenter is saying.

For the font, 24 is the lowest setting that hosts should use, but sizes between 32 and 40 are considered ideal for most situations. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the font, the better for readability. However, speakers must set some limits to ensure that all text can fit on a slide.

These tips will help presenters create engaging slide shows for video conferences. The visual aids are crucial for helping attendees enjoy their meetings.