How video conferencing can help small businesses

Tuesday, April 19 2011

Video conferencing technology has become as pervasive as ever, used by major companies to streamline decision-making tasks and reduce travel expenses. However, many small business owners are wondering whether the technology can be used in their everyday operations as well.

Well, the answer is yes.

It is especially important for smaller businesses to reduce their overhead cost as much as possible. By using the technology, owners can slash unneeded expenses from traveling for client follow-ups or communicating with remote employees. At the same time, video conferencing technology is a better alternative to phone conversations as well.

"Video [conferencing] enables the ability to ready body language when communicating with a client and provides a more efficient way to collaborate with colleagues," says John Bartlett, principal of NetForecast consulting firm, who was interviewed by

However, before choosing the right product, small business owners have to understand whether the technology will become a big part of their everyday operations. This could help decide the budget as well as the system that's going to be used.