How video conferencing software helps firefighters

Wednesday, August 21 2013

Video conferencing software is a practical solution for enhancing communication in the corporate sphere, but some experts claim that the technology can also improve public safety. In an article for The Beacon-News, Aurora Fire Department Lieutenant Jim Rhodes recently wrote that the platform may be the best way for firefighters to train

According to Rhodes, members of his Illinois department completed "64,207 hours of firefighter training and 2,592 hours of specialized training" in order to keep their licenses and develop new skills. The problem is that personnel had to leave their areas in order to complete courses, which lead to increases in response time. In some cases, response times swelled from six minutes to 14. 

In early 2013, a video conferencing system was put in place in Aurora and nearby Naperville so that educators could conduct courses without requiring firefighters to leave their stations. With the new platform, every branch is able to view lectures online so they can quickly respond to calls in their areas. 

Ultimately, this shows that video conferencing technology is an effective solution in many fields, not just business. Advanced communications can lead to enhanced public safety and education for firefighters.