How video conferencing technology increases collaboration

Thursday, July 18 2013

Video conferencing technology presents a number of benefits for companies, including enhanced collaboration between employees. With a cutting-edge communications platform, workers can reach out to remote colleagues and discuss sensitive matters. 

According to the Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance, conferencing channels strengthen work relationships by allowing associates to see each other. When there's a visual element to interaction, employees are less likely to "demonize people."

Additionally, the IMCCA explains that video conferencing software allows managers to find the best workers for every position. By implementing new technology, supervisors can assign sensitive tasks to expert employees who can't come to the office on a regular basis. 

For instance, if a staff member is moving, he or she can use the software to telecommute. As a result, you'll retain a key contributor so you can avoid recruiting and training another candidate. Moreover, you can ask your remote employee to conduct webinars to help your remaining in-office workers develop new skills. 

Staff members need to collaborate in order to finish important projects and grow as professionals. Video conferencing applications can ensure that workers can stay in constant contact with each other regardless of their locations.