Hybrid operating rooms come with video conferencing equipment

Monday, August 8 2011

Hospitals across the country are embracing new medical technological innovations that offer solutions to common surgical issues. A new wave of heart procedures are expected to gain federal approval over the next few years based around newly invented Hybrid ORs.

Fewer than 100 U.S. hospitals have Hybrid ORs today, but that number is expected to jump 15 percent or more yearly over the next few years, according to the ECRI Institute.

The advanced operating rooms meld modern surgical innovations with equipment and staffing for conventional open-heart procedures, reports the Detroit Free Press.

These new Hybrid ORs will come with advanced video conferencing equipment to help teach heart surgery to young doctors. In addition, the video conference technology allows trained doctors to seek advice from other professionals if a procedure takes a turn for the worse. In the past, patients would have to be transferred to another room if the surgery took an unpredicted turn, but with Hybrid ORs, the technology needed to combat infection and other issues would already be present.

Companies like MegaMeeting supply businesses with advanced video conferencing equipment. Through the evolving technology, medical practices are becoming more effective at saving lives while communication is becoming easier.