Interactive kiosks plan to help retailers with video conferencing technology

Wednesday, April 4 2012

Interactive kiosks may be changing the way businesses communicate with their customers, replacing the need for face-to-face interaction with face-to-interface solutions. This new and innovative idea could only be made possible with the help of video conferencing technology, according to InteractiveKiosk.

According to Cisco, the main function of these devices are to assist consumers with their issues while getting the same results from an unmanned device, allowing for convenient and continuous 24-hour service, all while still maintaining a customer's need for privacy and security. Another advantage of an interactive kiosk that it may enable additional revenue, as it creates a continuous outlet for advertising, service knowledge and product demonstrations.

For retailers or merchants, interactive kiosks are considered to be one of the most cost effective ways for creating a recognizable store image. This technology is also an effective way to increase and solidify branding, as well as easing the burden of customer service demands.

Shopping malls, theme parks and other retail industries could each have their own unique and distinguishable customer service kiosks, all enhanced with a video conference system to assist customers remotely with real time, immediate contact.