Internet speed creates video conferencing limitations

Friday, June 24 2011

As travel costs rise and software prices drop, more companies are discovering that there are incredible savings to be had by using video conferencing technology. Additionally, telepresence suites are capable of making long-distance conversations and collaborations seem warm and personal. The technology associated with web conferencing may seem inaccessibly advanced, but any costs that businesses may find prohibitive come from a different source entirely. reports that though the video conferencing market is on the rise, technological limitations are creating barriers for some small businesses. While video screens are capable of generating images in 1080i or 720p (the highest screen resolutions commercially available), the speed of internet connections is restricting telepresence expansion.

As anyone who owns an HD TV will know, high-quality monitors and screens have dropped in price significantly. In addition, a standard internet connection won't break the bank. However, even small businesses must have high bandwidth, or download speed, to support an entire office and create an instantaneous video conferencing atmosphere. Fortunately, fiber optic and digital cable companies are quickly working to ensure that superior video conferencing suites have the online support that they need.