Is the new iPhone worth buying?

Thursday, September 12 2013
Is the new iPhone worth buying?

Like clockwork, Apple has unveiled a new iPhone just ahead of the holiday shopping season. Unlike other years, the company that Steve Jobs built is producing two phones instead of one. There's the iPhone 5S, which is made out of glass and metal and has a fingerprint scanner, and the iPhone 5C, which is made of plastic and comes in as many colors as the Power Rangers. 

Both models have the standard iPhone functionality, including a built-in collaboration software and the ability to download the best video conferencing platform from the App Store. 

Of course with debut of two new iPhones comes the inevitable question: Are either of these things worth buying?

There isn't exactly an easy answer, unless you're absolutely dying to upgrade the phone you just bought last year. If you're not an Apple diehard, let's try to figure out if you should bother buying a new iPhone. 

To 5C or not to 5C, that is the question
The best things about the 5C is that it's colorful, a welcome break from the black and white phones Apple's produced for years, and it's only $99. Unfortunately, iPhone 5 owners will not that these are the only differences between their current devices and the new ones, according to The New Yorker. 

Basically, the 5C is just a discount model that doesn't offer any substantial upgrades. If you're not in desperate need of a new phone, you can skip this model until something better comes along. 

What about the 5S?
Here's the phone that you're more likely to buy anyway. Time Magazine points out that this version has a number of advantages over the current iPhone 5, including a better camera, a fingerprint sensor and it comes in cooler colors. 

That said, the news source is also quick to note that the 5S might just basically be more of the same in a prettier package. For one, the battery life isn't expected to be significantly longer.

Additionally, the fingerprint scanner might seem futuristic and awesome, but it's likely not going to have any affect on security. Time Magazine explains that there are likely going to ways to hack the system. Also keep in mind that there's still the option to type in a password, which isn't exactly Fort Knox-level protection. 

Buying it
Both models are likely great phones, so if you want one, you should buy it. Just follow Gizmodo's advice and don't stand in line for it