Keep an eye on yourself during video conferences

Tuesday, June 25 2013

Video conferencing technology allows professionals to easily communicate with remote contacts. As with all corporate matters, there's a certain decorum that employees must adhere to at all times, including wearing appropriate attire and paying attention to other speakers.

Fortunately, many video conferencing software applications features a special function that allows users to monitor their behaviors during the meetings. According to TechRepublic, certain programs have a self-view window so staff members can watch themselves while they speak with remote contacts and review key discussion points.

The window can be extremely beneficial, especially if you've never participated in a video conference before. Using communication software for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience and you must ensure that you come across well on camera. By keeping the self-view window up, you can monitor your actions to prevent any embarrassing miscues.

However, exercise some restraint and don't stare at yourself for the entire video conference. Only check your self-view window occasionally and spend the rest of the meeting looking at other participants or any visual aids they have provided. After all, the point of the video conference is to discuss key topics, not to admire your good looks.