Kentucky universities offering webinar for goat farmers

Monday, March 21 2011

A cooperative effort between the University of Kentucky, Purdue University and Kentucky State University will offer webinar sessions to give those interested some information on livestock farming.

According to Farm and Dairy, the program will stream live from the Scott County Cooperative Extension office in Georgetown, Kentucky, on three different dates: March 29, April 5 and April 12.

The keynote speakers include University of Kentucky professor Lee Meyer, an agricultural economist from the UK College of Agriculture who will be talking about new and improved techniques when it comes to farming operations. Ruminant specialist Mike Neary will also be available to tackle issues on lamb production and growth for direct markets. Goat specialist Ken Andries will also be on the web conferencing cooperative to talk about proper goat crossbreeding programs, according to the news source.

The technology will allow not only people from the state but also farmers across the nation to participate and learn from the speakers involved without having to travel. All they have to do is have a broadband connection so that they can connect online and watch the webinars from the comfort of their own homes.