Kenya at the forefront of African videoconferencing

Wednesday, March 9 2011

Travel costs as well as terrorist threats in the continent are becoming major factors driving the growth of video conferencing systems in countries like Kenya, according to

With the risk and cost of traveling, CEOs are opting to stay in their offices in the country, using the technology instead to communicate and do business. "Kenya has become a hub for multinationals and international organi[z]ations operating in the East African region," according to Ahmed Ben Bella, spokesperson for tech company Avtech Systems Limited.

Besides small businesses, government facilities, learning institutions and businesses in the hospitality industry in Nairobi are also making good use of the technology, the news outlet reports. Hotels are equipping their conference centers with audiovisual systems, and even the Prime Minister's new office was recently wired for video conferencing, according to Bella.

With falling computer costs and increased broadband technology in the country, companies in Kenya are becoming more aware that this form of communication can change the way they do business.