Library provides video conferencing services

Wednesday, February 23 2011

Although most libraries still house a collection of invaluable books and other references, some are also beginning to provide services in another way - online.

The Farmington Public Library in Maine was recently awarded a grant from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, which would furnish the library and 10 others across the state with video conferencing technology.

According to the Sun Journal, the opportunity will help "expand broadband access in rural areas where technology can help with economic development." Video conferencing will provide training to those who may be unemployed and lack the necessary skills to land a job, the report mentioned.

The library reported that visits increased to 29,000 in 2010, from 27,600 the previous year, and equipping the building with video conferencing will only attract more individuals. Besides being used for employment training in rural areas, video conferencing technology can also be used by visitors to communicate with family and friends that may be living in another state or country.