Location-independent teams

Friday, June 8 2012

As businesses become more nationally and internationally focused and worker mobility increases, a new type of professional group has emerged. Location-independent teams have become a viable way for co-workers and management to remain collaborative and effective in the face of a constantly moving workforce.

One development making this trend possible is the widespread use of online conferencing. By maintaining face-to-face communication even over great distances, teams can remain effective and successfully communicate regardless of where they are.

Allie Siarto, who started her own location-independent team, wrote a blog post for Forbes about techniques for managing such a group. Unsurprisingly, scheduled and frequent communication tops her list of important considerations.

Keeping an online calendar for weekly video conferencing with members helps her stay on top of projects and abreast of their progress, she wrote.

In addition to maintaining open communication channels, taking pains to organize a group meeting every week or two can help keep morale up and communication channels open. Even if they are kept casual, these team meetings help make location-independent teams feel like they are truly connected.

As businesses spread over greater distances, many are finding that video conferencing can be a way of preserving unity and communication.