Maintain eye contact during video conferences

Monday, December 31 2012

Eye contact is essential during face-to-face meetings and video conferences. Quality software makes video conferencing possible from numerous locations, and participants can easily maintain eye contact with attendees.

Consider the following eye contact tips to enjoy successful video conferences.

1. Be yourself - A web meeting enables participants to share their opinions and views on certain discussion topics. You might be the only person in a room, but peers from different locations are participating in the same meeting and want to hear your opinions. Converse naturally by looking directly at the screen when speaking to attendees.

2. Show emotion when necessary - Facial expressions are important for active listening. During a video conference, participants can smile, frown and display various emotions based on the content delivered. Stay focused on the monitor to show that you fully understand the meeting discussion.

3. Avoid too much eye contact - Treat a video conference as you would any other meeting. Eye contact is important, but too much of it can be distracting. Be an active listener by looking at a presenter during relevant discussion points and when speaking or asking questions.