Major conferences use online tools for connectivity

Wednesday, August 1 2012

Events of some importance have come into the new age of technology, allowing for audio and video conferencing connections to grant distant users access to events. Not everyone can afford the price of airfare, hotel accommodation and the price of admission, but broadcasting these conferences can grant vital insight to viewers on the other side of the world or closer to home.

Businesses prefer to broadcast their quarterly earnings meetings and other key sittings to keep shareholders and market authorities involved in the process. Endeavor International just announced its next web conference will discuss its international initiatives involving the oil and gas industry. These talks would usually be inaccessible to those in media and outside the circle of those in the room, but online meeting tools bring everyone to the same space without having to travel.

These green programs are also the subject of discussion at a Montclair State University webinar in New Jersey, though anyone in the world can tune in to learn about the college's sustainability talks. The variety of topics will pertain to those all around the globe, making these authoritative speakers even more useful to people expected to tune in from the Himalayas, Bangladesh and Japan.