Make a video conference plans and stick to them

Friday, October 26 2012

While playing things by ear can lead to success in certain situations, it's not always ideal to be unprepared and just hope for the best. Making an agenda with clearly defined goals is helpful, especially in the business world.

With an increasing number of enterprises using video conferencing software in their daily operations, it's important that companies apply their time management techniques to their digital conferences. If a presenter doesn't have a clear agenda and is unprepared to communicate with his or her audience, the business in charge of the meeting will appear disorganized and unprofessional.

Microsoft recommends not letting audiences dominate a video conference call and adhering to a prewritten schedule. This ensures that all major topics will be discussed in a timely fashion. There should be a time to ask questions, but, as the software giant writes, companies can also host follow-up meetings or encourage emails to provide more in-depth answers.

Setting agendas helps ensure that web conferences run smoothly while being effective. While it's sometimes necessary to stray from a schedule, it's always better to have a plan than to be caught off-guard during a meeting.