Make a web meeting more productive

Monday, December 10 2012

Web conferencing is useful because it allows participants to stay up to date on the latest news from company officials. Additionally, business administrators can enhance the quality of these meetings to further boost employee productivity.

Consider the following tips to make a web meeting more productive.

1. Stay focused - As they sometimes do in face-to-face meetings, side conversations can begin if employees lose focus. Web conference participants can stay on point if they follow an agenda, allow one person to speak at a time and ask follow-up questions at the end of the meeting.

2. Avoid camera and microphone alterations - Set up a camera and microphone before the meeting and make sure they are properly working. Employees who have problems hearing or seeing participants could delay a meeting or miss out on valuable information. However, minor alterations such as closing an office door to eliminate unexpected background noise should be immediately completed.

3. Speak naturally - A web conference may require a participant to present data or ask questions, and he or she should speak naturally during the meeting. Additionally, avoid excessive gestures when speaking, as these actions could distract attendees.