Make minor adjustments just before a video conference

Wednesday, March 13 2013

Using video conferencing tools enables company leaders to display positivity and professionalism to employees across great distances. However, minor adjustments can help participants enjoy picture-perfect images and bolster the quality of a video conference quickly. 

Meeting attendees can make small modifications in the time leading up to a video conference. The following tips highlight just a few minor adjustments audience members can make before entering a session. 

1. Reposition the camera - Ensure that the camera allows a participant to be visible throughout the meeting. If necessary, reposition the lens so participants can enjoy a clearer view. 

2. Add or remove lighting - A setting that features too much light can be just as damaging as a dark environment. Avoid lighting issues by adding or removing lights based on the setting. Audience members also can close a window's blinds or shades to eliminate lighting issues. 

3. Mute the microphone - While participants want to be heard and seen throughout the gatherings, audience members can reduce the amount of background noise during meetings by pressing the mute button in advance. Remember, attendees can easily unmute their microphones when they need to speak.