Make necessary adjustments before a video conference

Wednesday, July 10 2013

For facilitating communication between distant parties, video conferencing technology is likely the best resource to have available. With the right hardware and communication platform, a professional can speak face to face with contacts around the world. These digital discussions can boost productivity if users optimized their settings in advance.

According to the University of Calgary, adjusting options before a meeting is one of video conference's best practices. This means that professionals should open their applications early and conduct a test session. During the trial, an employee should find the ideal volume settings so they can hear what are participants are saying.

Preparation should also extend to your hardware. If you're using a headset, ensure that it's connected to your computer to avoid technical failures. Additionally, adjust your webcam's brightness settings so you're visible to contacts without any glare.

You should optimize all of your settings before the conference because other professionals don't want to wait for you to make the necessary adjustments. When you're resetting various options and fixing your hardware, attendees will think you don't respect them or their time. Taking a few minutes to prepare your system will ensure that your contacts have a positive opinion of you.