Make the most of sick days with web conferencing

Tuesday, December 6 2011

Some illnesses leave workers unable to move or function normally. Other times, an illness may simply be a minor malady that keeps a worker away from the office in order to protect other employees from getting sick. In those scenarios, web conferencing can benefit the quarantined worker and allow him to accomplish a few necessary tasks.

Using web conferencing services can allow a worker with a contagious illness to remain productive when he possesses enough strength to accomplish tasks but still may not be able to return to the office. Dialing in to an hour-long video conference meeting can make a positive difference in an employee's hectic return-to-work schedule.

If a high-paying client has an appointment to discuss the terms of his contract with an under-the-weather business professional, the sales executive can explain his current condition through a quick, virtual online meeting, which may be a more successful sales approach than a simple phone call. The virtual meeting will show the client that the worker took the time to present himself properly for their meeting and ultimately prove his attentiveness and care for the client.