Making music a universal language

Thursday, May 24 2012

Learning an instrument is one of the most rewarding endeavors a person can pursue. Of course, it can be difficult without expert guidance, which is often hard to find. With busy schedules and transportation costs rising, getting to a proper instructor can be pretty tricky.

However, with the rise of video conferencing, many budding musicians are able to bring a great teacher directly into their home. This recent development has many advantages for both instructor and pupil.

Students can have their pick of thousands of great teachers, regardless of their location. For example, Josh Wright, a celebrated concert pianist from Utah teaches students in Oregon and the Philippines, according to the Daily Herald. With online conferencing he is able to reach distant corners of the world to help spread his passion.

The technology is good for his students, of course, but also allows Wright to devote his time to practicing while being able to teach - and earn some extra income - on his own schedule and from his own house. For musicians, who often travel for much of the year, this can be an incredibly valuable freedom.