Making online meeting tools work

Tuesday, July 31 2012

Organizations know that having everyone on the same page is the best possible way to keep a team running, reaching goals and bolstering productivity. What they may struggle with is making everyone understand how these tools work, and when confusion reigns, adoption may fail. That is why repeated use and positive integration are key to a smooth transition to online meeting tools.

Wayne Turmel of Management Issues states that using a mixed solution can show employees that there's no reason to fear web meeting solutions. These utilities allow for in-person meetings that can be accessed live by viewers in different locations, boosting collaboration and other key elements of productivity. Using common business terms and other ideas that are shared outside the framework of the audio and video meeting solution will make it a seamless addition to regular meetings.

Companies are already using these online strategies to incorporate suites of digital tools into the same online experience. AT&T has put a group presence to work with its online meetings to assist with sharing ideas, reviewing documents and talking to clients. These tools make jobs easier, assist with adoption and ease everyone into a new system. Understanding facets of a new tool will make tying them all together much simpler.