Managed video conferencing services are in high demand

Monday, April 23 2012

Companies are increasingly turning to conferencing service providers to help manage and administer their video and telepresence technology, according to Tech Target.

Video conference technology has been an incredibly important business tool for quite some time. It has consistently proven its reliability and cost-effectiveness through waste reductions and eliminating the need for unnecessary travel. The savings can create a budgetary boost by allowing the extra funds to be reinvested within the organization.

Organizations are looking for expert providers not only for convenience, but for customized support for their business. Companies are becoming much more attracted to the idea of a managed video conferencing service that utilizes tools and technology specifically tailored to help best meet productivity goals. Providers can also help ensure a successful meeting by managing the technical aspect of the meeting as well, the source continued.

"[Enterprises] want to get the most out of their investments, and they are starting to ask how they can bring an expert in to better manage [video conferencing services] for the enterprise," expert and chief marketing officer Jeff Tench told TechTarget.

Video and web-based conferencing solutions have continued to remain affordable, even as the field has continually evolved and changed its technology for the most modern and demanding clients.