Medicine benefits from video conference technology

Wednesday, July 27 2011

Video conferencing is affecting medical practices across the globe. Sometimes viewed as a major innovation and a giant technological leap, telemedicine has changed the way doctors and patients interact as we know it.

Recently, in a study conducted by Iowa Planned Parenthood, 449 women were prescribed abortion pills via video conference by an off-site doctor. In an attempt to decide whether or not video conferencing could benefit patients across the country, the study found that there was a 99 percent success rate in the women tested.

Video conferencing is opening new doors for businesses all across the board. Although sometimes controversial, it is undeniable that it is helping treat patients better in regions of the country that sometimes do not have high-quality services that are available to most people.

MegaMeeting provides video and web conferencing equipment to businesses. The equipment has played an active role in the improvement of communication between clients and coworkers while reducing costs for companies. No longer subject to travel expenses, many more meetings are occurring through digital screens and prove to be just as useful as person-to-person interactions. Some may say it is removing the social aspect of business, but in the end, it is providing a productive way to save money and conduct projects as usual.