MegaMeeting can connect students from around the world

Wednesday, September 21 2011

It seems that with each passing day, more and more controversial topics are being discussed in public. Whether this is happening to establish public opinion on a law or simply a way to create discussion about current events, North Americans have grown increasingly interested in figuring out ways to come to a general consensus with the rest of the world. The first step to improving foreign relations is to improve communication.

Colleges around the world have begun to use video conferencing technology to connect students to other people who are miles away. Understanding the views of individuals the same age but half-way around the world can serve as an educational tool to demonstrate how people of different backgrounds think and act.

MegaMeeting can assist universities in utilizing all that video conferencing software has to offer. Instead of using a great deal of equipment, MegaMeeting relies on software. This makes the process much more manageable.

There is value in connecting youths from all over the world. Being able to understand others can prevent further disagreements. Although video conferencing won't serve as a model for world peace, it can greatly improve communication between different cultures.