MegaMeeting decreases absenteeism

Monday, September 12 2011

Winter blizzards can prevent people from commuting to the office. While that might come as a relief to employees, a company greatly suffers from the resulting lack of productivity. Web conferencing can help combat unforeseen natural weather hazards and keep businesses running smoothly.

A 2011 white paper, "Virtual Workforce: The Changing Face of Absence and Productivity in the Technological Age," found that moving from offices to homes for work saves an organization money beyond the reduction of overhead and utilities costs. Web conferencing has helped to improve many aspects of a business, including ensuring it remains productive in the case of events that would normally prevent employees from working on tasks in the office.

Employees would be able to attend online meetings and discuss the latest events within the business through web-based video conferencing software. Companies such as MegaMeeting supply organizations throughout the country with the technology to help improve a business' productivity inside and outside of a traditional workspace.

While it may seem costly to provide home office materials to remote employees, Remote Workforce Consultants' Ms. MacDougall found that businesses would only need to spend between $2,000 and $5,000 to help create home offices. A one-time cost, she said, that could help mitigate future losses due to lack of mobile productivity.