increases participation in educational seminars through video conferencing

Wednesday, March 21 2012

The Texas Occupational Therapy Association (TOTA) has been in operation for 75 years by providing support and education for Occupational Therapists through face-to-face informative and advising seminars and conferences. Now, with the use of video conferencing technology offered through these seminars have been revoloutionized. provided TOTA with easy-to-use web and video-based conferencing solutions that help connect their members who reside in areas outside of the immediate location. The conferencing tools helped to reduce travel costs, increase productivity and has drastically improved participation in their seminar events.

"Using has allowed us to reach out to professionals in areas that we were previously unable to reach," said Eileen Garza, Coordinator of Distance Services at TOTA. "Since we started using, our participation in educational sessions has immediately grown by about three-hundred percent."

Many features are built into the video and web-based conferencing solution such as high quality video, VoIP, and screen sharing. This allows TOTA to remotely link and share PowerPoint and other technological presentations - all features they could not previously do.

Before using, face-to-face educational sessions were held at single location with few participating attendees. Now sessions are streamed live to multiple locations and a significantly greater amount of participants.