Mobile web conferencing can prevent missed meetings

Monday, October 22 2012

It's every employee's worst nightmare to miss an important meeting, whether it be with clients, associates, managers or leads. The failure to attend important discussions can lead to professional disaster for many workers, especially if their jobs are dependent on strong communication.

Traffic delays, public transportation malfunctions and personal issues can prevent anyone from being on-site for face-to-face meetings. Mobile web conferencing, however, eliminates the need to miss or reschedule meetings due to unforeseen circumstances.

Cloud-based audio video conferencing software makes digital meetings even more convenient because users don't need computers to take part in discussions. Any employee can use smartphone apps to participate in a meeting as if he or she were sitting at in front of a desktop.

In September 2012, the Pew Research Center updated its Pew Internet & American Life Project, which tracks smartphone use. In the report, researchers wrote that 45 percent of American adults own a smartphone. The popularity of these devices means that mobile conferencing can become a greater part of the workplace.

Video conference calls via cellular networks may not be ideal, but when logistical factors prevent parties from attending meetings in person or on their computers, the technology is an alternative to missing new information.