Mobile web conferencing is the way of the future

Thursday, October 27 2011

Remote workers only thrive in the workplace when they are able to effectively communicate with coworkers and managers. If restricted to relying solely on email chains and conference calls, communication can become mundane. In order for projects to be completed with a sense of urgency and accuracy, constant communication is necessary. Video conferencing creates an open portal for constant discussion. Whether on the go or in the office, users can meet face-to-face and discuss the pressing issues that lie ahead.

MegaMeeting is a video conferencing provider that offers a 100 percent browser-based service, which allows stationary users to connect with individuals through any major internet browser. Recently, the company has launched a mobile application, which can be installed on a smartphone or tablet computer. As technological devices become interconnected, communication will continue to improve.

Businesses are able to remain in contact with vital key players by using MegaMeeting's mobile video conferencing application. With its assistance, remote workers can connect with up to 16 individuals, thus creating an environment conducive for success. For that reason, businesses around the country are embracing this innovative service by communicating through it, rather than by a written email.