October 2012

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When to distribute webinar materials

Tuesday, October 30 2012

Category: Webinar News

There are many different steps to using webinar software effectively. Read

What makes video conferencing software eco-friendly?

Monday, October 29 2012

Category: Green Conferencing News

In an effort to reduce their carbon emissions, some business have begun using video conference software for many of their meetings. Read

Make a video conference plans and stick to them

Friday, October 26 2012

Category: Video Conferencing News

While playing things by ear can lead to success in certain situations, it's not always ideal to be unprepared and just hope for the best. Read

Gauging reaction in a webinar

Thursday, October 25 2012

Category: Webinar News

Because presenters aren't in the same room as their audiences during webinars, it may be difficult to see how people react. Read

The advantages of using webinars for marketing

Wednesday, October 24 2012

Category: Webinar News

A webinar doesn't have to be limited to strictly educational purposes. Read

The benefits of cloud-based conferences

Tuesday, October 23 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

Cloud-based services have made applications easier to access. Read

Mobile web conferencing can prevent missed meetings

Monday, October 22 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

It's every employee's worst nightmare to miss an important meeting, whether it be with clients, associates, managers or leads. Read

Web conferencing streamlines court hearings

Friday, October 19 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

The use of web conferencing is growing within courtrooms. Read

Can web conferencing help physical therapy?

Thursday, October 18 2012

Category: Video Conferencing News

The goal of physical therapy is to help patients recover from ailments through exercises. Read

Remote meetings simplify trial preparations

Wednesday, October 17 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

When preparing for a trial, attorneys typically meet with their clients and witnesses to discuss questions and strategy. Read

Harvard Law announces web conferencing for interviews

Tuesday, October 16 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

Harvard Law School (HLS) is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. Read

Additional web conferencing advantages for small businesses

Monday, October 15 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

Small businesses that implement business video conferencing technology into their day-to-day operations benefit from keeping their travel budgets low, increasing efficiency and improving their business relationships with clients. Read

How to use web conferencing in classrooms

Friday, October 12 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

The best schools are the ones that use every available resource to help students learn and grow. Read

Web conferencing can help support remote workers

Thursday, October 11 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

In 2010, 13.4 million employees worked from home on a regular basis, according to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau. Read

Webinar to highlight insurance changes

Wednesday, October 10 2012

Category: Webinar News

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will change the health care industry by requiring Americans to purchase insurance by 2014 and forcing companies to offer affordable policies to those who earn little income. Read

What equipment do I need to hold a web conference?

Tuesday, October 9 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

Web conferencing technology makes it easier for businesses to connect its employees with each other and clients. Read

Agricultural industry turns to webinars for education

Monday, October 8 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

More industries are implementing web conferencing technology into their digital processes. Read

Can web conferencing help hospital admission rates?

Friday, October 5 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

Telehealth is an increasingly popular alternative to multiple medical appointments. Read

Will web conferences make higher education free?

Thursday, October 4 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

The cost of attending a large college or university has risen consistently in recent years. Read

How can real estate agents using web conferencing?

Wednesday, October 3 2012

Category: Web Conferencing News

Each year, more businesses are using web conferences to streamline communications among employees and clients. Read