More businesses look to invest in conferencing

Thursday, July 5 2012

One of the major benefits of video conferencing technology is how it lets businesses connect over long distances and form collaborative groups. Human resources, project management and growth strategies can all be facilitated with instantaneous communication through dedicated online channels of communication. That's why more companies are focusing on this technology as their new IT solution, according to a study by Virgin Media.

According to Computer Business Review, the survey found that adoption of web conferencing technology in the workplace was higher than ever before. the only stumbling block for integration was network providers, which 80 percent of businesses surveyed felt couldn't handle the demand for high definition video streaming or other related services. Another 50 percent were concerned that broadband was similar incapable of maintaining a reliable connection.

"The real issue is that older hardware simply can't handle HD quality content," said Tony Grace of Virgin Media. He recommended businesses promote bring-your-own-device programs and enhance existing physical resources to improve collaboration and conferencing abilities.

Cable Online said that part of the problem is that businesses aren't willing to upgrade their internet connections, even though this would be the easiest way to assuage video conferencing concerns.