More companies turn to video conferencing software for interviews

Thursday, November 1 2012

Video conferencing software is utilized in many facets of the business world. The technology has made it easy for companies to open additional lines of communication without having to add new expenses. One of the latest trends to emerge is holding online meetings for job interviews.

According to a recent survey, an increasing number of human resource departments are relying on web conferences to speak with potential employees. The poll, conducted by staffing agency OfficeTeam, shows that 63 percent of respondents use conferencing software as a means to reach out to candidates.

With so many job-seekers, businesses have had to find ways to meet with the increasing number of candidates. Video conference software allows a recruiter to quickly complete multiple meetings while still giving each interview his or her undivided attention.

The technology can also help businesses expand their reaches by finding candidates from around the globe. The cost of travel for a job interview can be a hindrance to many job-seekers. With web conferences, companies can meet with anyone regardless of their location.

Video conferencing increases a corporation's ability to communicate with potential employees. The software offers the direct connections of in-person discussions without the inconvenience of travel.