Municipal budgets can be reduced with video conferencing technology

Tuesday, May 1 2012

In an age of tight municipal budgets and struggling local economies, streamlining the processes of civic agencies is crucial. One of the best ways to reduce expenditures is to adopt time-saving technology such as video conferencing.

The Conway Police Department in South Carolina is adopting a conferencing system to conduct bond hearings. The agency tested the new system during April, which is designed to cut down transportation costs and the complex, security-heavy process of transferring inmates for hearings.

The trek from the Horry County Detention Center, where numerous area inmates are held, to the Conway Municipal Court is 16 mile round-trip. In addition to reducing vehicular expenses, the new technology will free officers up for other tasks.

As civic organizations and businesses alike adopt more web-ready hardware, such as high-performing servers and mobile devices, video conferencing becomes a more viable and practical option. As extra hardware and applications often aren't needed, the cost is minimal and setup can be accomplished without the services of an expensive IT consultant - a boon for cash-strapped enterprises and agencies.