NASA explores the possibilities for video conferencing

Monday, December 27 2010

Leave it to NASA to be one of the nation's pioneers in utilizing video conferencing technology. They were the first to be able to broadcast from space after all.

Today, the organization uses video conferencing for high-quality audio and visual communication between all of its public and private sector communities, according to Federal News Radio. Teams at their many locations must engage in timely collaborations remotely, and video conferencing makes it possible.

NASA uses the technology for everything from meetings, seminars, major international conferences and more, which allows for more cost-efficient and cost-effective operations thanks to savings on facilities, planning and travel logistics, explains the news source.

The organization also uses video conferencing for educational purposes. The NASA Glenn Research Center Learning Technologies Project offers video conferencing connections between schools and NASA scientists, engineers and researchers, according to their website.

"Technology enables and supports one to thousands of conversations," Chris Kemp, NASA's chief technology officer for IT, told the publication. "We're finding that if we don't stand in the way of that conversation, incredible things can happen."