New app shows importance of visual communication

Wednesday, November 13 2013
New app shows importance of visual communication

Text-based methods have increased greatly in business and personal communications in recent years. Between the focus on email, gChat and similar instant messaging systems, and even text messaging, often one can communicate with a client in vast amounts without ever seeing their faces. 

Now, though, the increasing popularity of things such as FaceTime in popular culture shows the resurgent importance to many people of seeing a friend - or client. In the business world, it can be easily and effectively accomplished with tools such as video conferencing software.

Can businesses learn from the popularity of "selfies?"
The importance of these sorts of images and visual communication has been emphasized by a recent startup funded in part by famous singer Justin Bieber. Bieber may claim that all he needs are beauty and a beat, but it's hard to get either in an email. Instead, Bieber's trying to facilitate the "beauty" part of the process with a new app that allows users to share pictures of themselves from arm's length - what the kids are calling "selfies" - more easily.

The app, called "Shots of Me," is a social network created entirely for "selfies," according to Tech Crunch. It just recently launched, partially on the strength of Bieber's $1.1 million in funding. It also had raised huge sums from boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather and famous investor Shervin Pishevar. It may seem strange to the older folks among us who aren't so interested in taking such pictures of ourselves, but it translates into a wider message - when people communicate, it's always best to see the other person, as RockLive CEO John Shahidi noted.

"People enjoy looking at humans, Shahidi said, according to TechCrunch. "Not just yourself. People like looking at other people. It doesn't ever really get old."

Translating it into the office
In a more formal business setting, the message is just as important, even if it is accomplished through different means. Web conferencing software can allow for more natural communication in a form that is more amenable to dynamic interactions.

The feelings of an online meeting utilizing video simply feel more personal, as a huge number of surveys have attested to. Almost 94 percent of people said that any method of face-to-face communication is preferable over even a simple phone call, a survey by the Blue Jeans Network found. Sure, selfies may not be the solution for your office - but any number of video software solutions can help to boost productivity for your company.