New audio format developed to make video conferencing even better

Monday, June 6 2011

One important step on the road to the current state of digital music was the creation of high-quality audio formats that could quickly be copied and transmitted. The folks who helped developed MP3 technology have turned their talents towards making web conferencing even faster and clearer.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, which was instrumental in enabling the data format that makes music sharing possible, has completed work on Enhanced Low Delay Advanced Audio Coding. According to GizMag, the audio encoding technique (also called AAC-ELD) was developed with fast transmission and clear sound in mind.

AAC-ELD works on the principle that instantaneous video chat must have minimal delay for a realistic and easy conversation. Traditional audio encoding formats have a short lag that can sometimes make speaking with someone via web conferencing technology stilted and awkward. Programs and video conferencing suites that use AAC-ELD will see faster transformation of sound to data and back again than ever before. According to the Fraunhofer Institute team, the time between speaking and hearing audio has been cut to 15 milliseconds, with minimal audio quality degradation.