New videoconferencing conference to appraise hardware

Friday, May 4 2012

Wonder what the future of video conferencing hardware looks like? You're not alone. A webinar entitled Videoconferencing Hardware is Dead, Long Live Videoconferencing Hardware will be held on May 8th, featuring a panel of experts debating the future of the industry.

While the panelists all predict a bright future in general, they are not expected to completely agree on the specifics, according to the panel's moderator, JD Vaughn. "They often have different opinions and views about the industry and how it will grow," he said.

One topic on which the experts do seem to agree, however, is on the continued decline of hardware-based video conferencing codecs.

The importance of predicting and understanding gradual shifts like this is nothing new to Vaughn, who has been in the industry for 25 years and seen these changes play out.

"We have seen market leaders come and go as they failed to shift with the technology and market," Vaughn said. He's hoping that the information he and his panelists provide will help prevent that.

The conference is picking up from another meeting, The TeleSpan Future of Conferencing Workshop, that took place in March and was aimed at helping video conferencing providers and manufacturers understand the issues affecting deployment and adoption, according to the Visual Communications Industry Group.