Obama and Sarkozy meet in online conference

Thursday, April 19 2012

According to FirstPost, a recent online meeting between President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy focused on global diplomatic and oil market concerns. The two world leaders spoke via video conferencing technology to share concerns about political violence in Syria and the Iranian nuclear program.

An extremely useful communication tool for personal and business use, the meeting between the presidents highlighted web conferencing's similar benefits for politicians and diplomats. Offering a unique insight into the world of high level politics, French television outlets also publicly aired the first few minutes of the video conference, in which Obama and Sarkozy discussed the upcoming elections in France and the United States, according to the Guardian.

Euronews noted that in addition to a discussion of current concerns in the Middle East, the leaders also touched on fuel prices, and what the outcome of the upcoming French elections may mean for the planned release of oil stocks.

Web-based video conferencing is useful in any industry in which successful communication drives efficiency. Virtual communication saves on a number of costs for businesses, and gives professionals the tools to quickly solve problems and conduct critical meetings remotely, for optimal convenience.